Robust & Reliable Water Treatment Technology

For the CTX market in China, Aquatech has developed an efficient and reliable process to economically achieve Zero Liquid Discharge. AquaEZ™ technology is an optimized integrated process utilizing High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis, Evaporation & Crystallization technologies resulting in the lowest Life Cycle Cost for such systems for the CTX industry.

The CTX wastewater stream has high scaling and fouling potential due to the presence of hardness, organic species, ammonia, silica, and other impurities. The periodic variation in the characteristics of the wastewater poses further challenges in achieving consistent performance of the treatment system. AquaEZ™ provides a robust and reliable treatment technology for this complex application. The system generates high quality water which can reused in the process and Mixed Salts which can either be landfilled, eliminating any liquid discharges from the plant or can be further processed to produce reusable salts of desired purity.


AquaEZ™ Advantages:

  • Lower capital cost
  • Lower operating cost
  • Recovery of reusable salts of desired purity
  • Bulk pre-concentration through membrane system thus a smaller thermal system
  • East of operation
  • Higher availability
  • No mechanical cleaning of the evaporator system