Edible Oil Wastewater Solutions
Recovery solutions when and where you need them

Sunflower oil Factory line of production and filling of refined oil from sunflower seedsA large amount of wastewater is produced during the edible oil production process, which requires extensive treatment to remove high organic content such as biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), phosphates, odor, and fats, oils, and grease (FOG) before discharge or reuse. With recent price increases for commodities like sunflower oil, glycerin, soybeans and their derivatives, edible oil production facilities are beginning to reexamine their wastewater operations.

In many cases, crude oil can be recovered from their processes to increase product volume and reduce the site’s hauling costs, allowing edible oil producers to improve their bottom line. At Aquatech, we understand the need for edible oil producers to actively recover high volumes of crude oil from their processes while reducing the lifecycle cost of their wastewater solutions. Selecting the best technologies to match your oil particulate size and organics solubility is the key to maximizing your treatment efficiency.

Our solutions for edible oil production facilities

Our experience providing turnkey solutions for blue-chip oil refineries, combined with our engineering capabilities and local presence, ensures your production goals are met. Our solutions are manufactured with the highest quality components and ensure their longevity.

Backed by over 40 years of water treatment and reuse experience, our oil water separators, dissolved air flotation, and other technologies ensure you have a solution that fits your needs when and where you need them.

Our wastewater treatment systems provide comprehensive, low-footprint solutions leveraging our in-house membrane products with little to no capital investment. The units can be retrofitted to work within existing production plants.

We offer water technology as a service by integrating technology, expertise, and financing to consistently deliver reliable performance at a predictable cost.

  • Mobile/Rental Equipment helps maintain business continuity and consistently achieve your desired treatment and sustainability goals.
  • Outsourced Operations allow you to focus on your core operations while we take responsibility for your treatment systems.
  • Aftermarket Services ensure the long-term sustainability of your operations throughout the lifecycle of your water and wastewater treatment equipment.

We combine state-of-the-art chemical process technology with the latest software to deliver a complete water treatment product. Add in operations training, resulting in a solution with consistently high-performance efficiency.