Treating The Most Challenging Waters

Aquatech understands how vital water is to your day-to -day operations and the need for a reliable clean water flow that enables your greatest operational uptime.

Aquatech solutions ensure a consistent water composition, with minimal undesired contamination. This enables predictable production characteristics such as consistent hydro fracturing and minimal down-hole scaling. In addition, treatment with MoVap® produces water with a TDS less than 500 ppm, there by assuring a positive effect on the environment and local community.

• More Than 30 Years Experience Serving The Oil & Gas Industry
• Design Engineering
• Centralized Treatment
• Mobile Treatment
• Logistics & Data Management

Oil & Gas Field Services

The demands of field operations on equipment and personnel require a high level of continued dedication, experience, and engineering. AES delivers reliability on all of these fronts to ensure that water management and treatment enable gas production to proceed rapidly and efficiently. The AES Team has extensive field experience, much of it in the challenging conditions of the Marcellus Shale play. This experience brings a total understanding of our client’s operations and the ability to be responsive 24/7/365.

  • Treat For Discharge
  • Treat For Reuse
  • Treatment At Wellpad

Mobile & Modular Solutions

Site conditions change from region to region, site to site, well pad to well pad. AES offers many combinations of treatment solutions that can be customized to the need of the situation. Aquatech provides unconventional gas producers with synergistic mobile/modular technologies that treat and recycle hydraulic fracturing flowback at the wellhead.

  • On-site filtration, disinfection, evaporation systems
  • Ultra-clean water with TDS < 500 ppm
  • Flex solutions adaptable to unique well pads