Aquatech’s AnMBR (Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor) technology provides cost-efficient wastewater treatment and recycling to a broad range of industries at ultra-high fluxes (30-35 LMH), low footprint (~50% lower than competing anaerobic products) and low excess sludge (40% reduction from competing processes). Furthermore, the BioMOD AnMBR is the first such technology operable in both mesophilic and thermophilic conditions due to its use of CeraQ™ ultrafiltration membranes.

Anaerobic treatment methods are being increasingly adopted by industrial end-users, due to their ability to treat both suspended & soluble COD with methane biofuel as byproduct. BioMOD AnMBR combines the advantages of anaerobic digestion and ceramic membrane filtration to provide a complete solution for any high-strength
COD wastewater treatment application. This technology achieves differentiation from competing anaerobic treatment technologies due to its high flux, small footprint and low excess sludge.


• Various models are available to accommodate a range of flows and COD loads

• Reactors operate in either series or parallel for flexibility in effluent quality and flow rate, respectively

• Large height to diameter ratio suitable for sites with limited space

• Preassembled reactor and associated equipment are transported to site within a single container

• BioMOD™ EGSB can be seamlessly integrated with pre- and post-treatment


Download BioMOD™ AnMBR Brochure