Refinery Effluent in Petroleum Wastewater

Petroleum wastewater from refineries contain high levels of pollutants and are characterized by the presence of large quantities of refinery effluent such as oil products and chemicals that are hard to degrade. Regulatory authorities deny permits to discharge this petroleum wastewater to maintain the chemical, physical and biological integrity of the fresh water resources.

refinery effluent

With rising crude prices and depleting quality of crude, however, the level of wastewater pollutants in petroleum wastewater is at a new high. Such conditions are forcing refineries to use a more advanced water treatment, water recovery methods, and robust processes that work well under a variety of conditions and can handle the changing refinery effluent flow rates. Amak process that is economical in overall life time cost is needed to make all of this feasible. Aquatech has experience working with these refinery effluent pollutants in the refinery market and offers the advanced petroleum wastewater treatment and recovery technology necessary for the refinery’s needs.