IGCC Wastewater Treatment

Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) is a technology that turns coal into gas—synthesis gas (syngas). It then removes impurities from the coal gas before it is combusted to produce electricity. IGCC plants generate wastewater treatment effluent similar to conventional coal-fired power plants. The IGCC wastewater stream generated through the gasification processes produces effluent containing high levels of dissolved solids and other impurities such as sulfide, chloride, ammonia, and cyanide. This highly polluted IGCC wastewater effluent requires advanced water treatment prior to discharge. Stringent regulations in some countries that deal with potentially hazardous inorganic and organic air and water pollutants restrict discharge even if the levels of IGCC wastewater emissions are below those of a conventional coal based power generating station. Aquatech offers a solution that recycles the maximum amount of IGCC wastewater integrated with Zero Liquid Discharge technologies to preserve the environmental integrity of the adjacent fresh water resources.