Cooling Towers

In many facilities, the make-up water to their cooling tower can be 50% of the total demand for fresh water. With water scarcity in many areas, the reuse of cooling tower blowdown water was introduced. These concentrated cooling water blowdown streams are extremely rich in silica, are characterized by higher hardness levels and include other organic loads. Aquatech’s Cooling Tower Blowdown Recovery Process can return nearly all of the blowdown volume for use as service or demineralized water.

cooling tower


Cooling Tower Cycles of Concentration (COC) are limited by the nature of the impurities they concentrate during the evaporative process. This is an inherent function of concentration of the water used as makeup source. Aquatech’s pretreatment processes reduce the concentration of these limiting impurities, allowing for increased COC in the tower. Many industries are relying on treated wastewater to reduce their demand on local fresh water resources. Aquatech offers a wide array of technologies, with each individual solution engineered to address the characteristics of the treated wastewater supply.