Produced Water Treatment

Aquatech is a global leader in pretreatment, desalination, post-treatment, concentrated waste disposal, and coal seam gas produced water treatment to meet the required water quality standards for the Coal Seam Gas Industries. To produce coal seam gas (CSG), wells are drilled into underground coal seams, bringing water (CSG water) from the seams to the surface. This process reduces pressure in the seams which allows gas to be released. The quality of CSG water varies greatly, however, it is generally rich in salts and other minerals.

The quantity of CSG water produced at each well and across a CSG project will change over time. Because of this, the management of coal seam gas wastewater usually requires a number of approaches or solutions working together. Thanks to its wide portfolio of technologies and range of experiences, Aquatech can provide the best environmental friendly solution for the treatment and reuse of the produced water.

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