Coal to Chemicals/Liquid Waste

Coal is a fossil fuel that can be converted into liquid fuels such as gasoline, diesel or any other chemical by several different processes. One of the major water treatment requirements for coal to chemicals (CTX) or coal to liquid or chemical plants is to process water for cooling systems and wastewater produced during the coal liquefaction process.

coal chemicals

The source of wastewater in a CTX plant is from domestic wastewater, storm water runoff, coal, slag storage facility effluent, cooling blow down, industrial process wastewater, and reverse osmosis brine. These CTX waste effluents typically contain slats, minerals, sulfides, chlorides, ammonia, oil and; grease and cyanides. These CTX effluents cannot be discharged into the environment without proper wastewater treatment. Some of the contaminants require advanced and complex treatment.

In some Geographic locations it is mandatory to have a zero liquid discharge (ZLD) system for wastewater. To meet strict environmental discharge guidelines and provide effective treatment with the lowest possible life cycle costs, Aquatech can offer integrated site specific reverse osmosis and hybrid ZLD solutions.