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  • Flue Gas Desulphurization
  • Cooling Tower Blowdown
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery Produced Water
  • Coal to Chemicals Waste
  • Gas to Liquids Waste
  • More than 160 ZLD / Evaporative projects executed
  • Over 33 million US Gallons of water treated across world for ZLD

Zero Liquid Discharge Technology (ZLD)

Whether to meet regulations – for difficult to-treat wastewaters – or for situations where scarcity of water demands water recovery (recycle/reuse) – Aquatech’s innovative Zero Liquid Discharge technologies (ZLD) help you achieve environmental compliance, reduce your carbon footprint, and recover high purity water for reuse. Our proven zero liquid discharge technology eliminates liquid waste by converting it into disposable dry solids. Aquatech offers integrated, site-specific ZLD solutions, which are based on standalone thermal/evaporative processes, membrane processes, or a combination of the two, namely hybrid systems.

Hybrid ZLD: An integrated automated system incorporating a membrane pre-concentrator or HEROTM technology, followed by the thermal/evaporative Zero Liquid Discharge technologies below.

  • Vertical tube falling film evaporators
    • Seeded slurry (brine concentrators)
    • Non-seeded evaporators
  • Forced circulation crystallizers
  • Sludge dewatering
    • Filter press
    • Centrifuge
    • Drum dryers

International Desalination Association (IDA)
Tianjin, 20-25 October, 2013
Booth No: A-60

Power-Gen International
Orlando, Florida, 12-14 November, 2013
Booth No: 3401

The Ambassador of Egypt to the US and Devesh Sharma talk about Aquatech helping Egypt with their Water Challenges.