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Produced Water Recycle Reuse at the Oman Mukaizna Oil Field

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Produced Water Recycle Reuse at the Oman Mukaizna Oil Field

International Water Conference 2009

Abstract: The Mukhaizna oil field in Oman is home to one of the largest produced water recycle-reuse facilities in the world. This facility is also significant as it is the first major application of MVC evaporator technology for Middle Eastern produced water recycle-reuse. The first phase of the facility recycles produced water using seven identical MVC evaporation trains each with a capacity of recycling 42,860 barrels of high purity water per day for a total capacity of 300,000 bpd (47,700 m³/day). At Mukhaizna approximately 90% of the produced water will be recycled and will dramatically reduce the amount of aquifer water that would otherwise be required in this desert region with scarce water resources. Produced water from the Mukhaizna oil field presents challenges to conventional water treatment methods and to methods employed to process typical SAGD produced water in the northern Alberta tar sands region. Considerably higher concentrations of dissolved solids and hardness along with silica and other organics are present in the produced water and make-up water aquifers. This paper discusses the technical challenges and design considerations for the Mukhaizna produced water recycle-reuse facility, as well as technology enhancements for produced water evaporators.

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