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Large MED Development and Use of Renewable Energies

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Large MED Development and Use of Renewable Energies

Previously published as part of The International Desalination Association (IDA) World Congress Proceedings, Dubai-UAE 2009

Abstract: Thermal desalination plants have proven their reliability and capacity of producing pure water from any sea water. The Multiple Effect Distillation (MED) technology is now available in any size of plant. Because of the low evaporation temperatures and lower electrical consumptions than other desalination technologies, it is well suited for combination with renewable lost heat coming from solar fields or geothermal wells.

We will present the design we developed on a project for a large MED unit of 10 MIGD to be installed in a power plant and the way it can be adapted to use steam coming from a solar field or geothermal well, either directly at medium pressure, or at very low pressure after electrical production in a steam turbine. We will look at the technical aspects and how economical considerations can have an impact on the design.

For more information please refer to the International Desalination Association website.